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National Gaurav Award program of Indian Bravehearts (IBH) celebrates every year in Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi , IBH has been a catalyst in social activities. An ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation working across India dedicated to the Social service, humanity, encouraging and celebrating the individual and collective potential of people and society. Our team consists of people from all walks of life like social entrepreneurs, retired army personnel, educationists, and established people from business community, senior journalists and other eminent professionals who have together carried on social work from last two decades formulated an NGO Indian Bravehearts in 2014  IBH aims at harness the energies and potential of citizens of the India for making the world a better place to live with compassion, peace and dignity. We believe that, ultimately, humanity is one and this small planet is our only home. Our mission is to celebrate and salute the agents of change at familial, local, national and international levels of society. We have a mission to make excellence in public service and social accountability a movement in the country.